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Get access to thousands of venues through a single integration point. The information you need, updated in real time.

POS Providers

Get access to a range of Apps in the Doshii marketplace, providing value-add to your customers and new revenue opportunities.


Access the latest apps without more hardware. With the Doshii API, the POS once again becomes the single point of reconciliation.


Access to great functionality

Doshii understands that the range of hospitality and retail apps is ever-growing. As a result, we have built our API to facilitate a broad range of functionality, so that no venue on the Doshii API ever has to miss out on the latest technology. The Doshii API gives venues access to:

  • Mobile App & website ordering directly into the POS
  • Routing and printing, as per standard POS setup
  • Real-time, two-way communication between POS and Apps (including menu sharing, ordering, inventory, loyalty, information & delivery details)
  • Table reservations directly into POS
  • Order & pay at table
  • Loyalty, membership and rewards

Reliable, scalable, simple

Our API has been designed specifically to provide seamless integration into any POS, whether cloud or legacy. Built on the cloud, our SSL-secure API provides two-way communication between the POS and any app integrated with Doshii.

Our automated on-boarding engine will allow you to quickly and easily certify your solution without talking to anyone. And with a team of developers dedicated to making integration as simple as possible, Doshii is built to take the hassle out of connecting hospitality and retail to the web.

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Doshii is much more than a simple API. We are building a hospitality and retail technology marketplace, where venues can go to select any app that suits them, and Apps can connect to any POS providers. This marketplace already contains access to thousands of venues, and is growing it's all offering constantly.

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