Doshii already has access to 4,800 venues across Australian hospitality and retail through its partnerhsips with Impos, Starrtec & H&L. Combined, these venues turn over more than $8.5 billion in revenue.  Doshii continues to add more POS every month.

Order Ahead

Our order ahead channel allows partners to send order and item information directly into the POS.  Access the POS menu to see the current inventory and receive updates in real time, send orders to pick up or delivery and attach payment information.  Using the traditional POS routing and workflow, the order information will be stored in the appropriate places and printed in the normal manner.


Using the reservations channel, you can allocate reservations and receive notifications on changes in status. We can seat reservations from your application or within the POS, monitor changes in meal status, showcase the upcoming reservations and manage conflicts all in real time.


The loyalty channel facilitates the management of customer membership and collection of customer data.  Receive notifications on items purchased, points redemption, and reward redemption.  Visibility of members use and spend in store is available to partners when it happens.

Pay @ Table

Through our pay @ table channel, integrations can retrieve an entire order for a table including the items purchased, then make payments (as many as you want if you’re splitting bills) and they will be registered against the table in the POS.