Save time with online orders, invoice reconciliation & customer payments

POS Vendors

Integrate directly to a range of apps through the Doshii API


Get access to thousands of venues through a single API


Restaurants: take control

Here are a few of the processes Doshii can streamline:

  • Orders go from your favourite ordering apps straight into POS. No double-keying; no mis-typed orders.
  • Orders go from your franchisees' ordering apps straight into POS. No more manual reconciliation; no more lost revenue.
  • Access a customer's member details and rewards straight from your POS, in real time.
  • Get access to sales data, in real time; no more sending files back and forth so you can analyse sales performance.

Apps & POS: Get connected

Doshii is more than an API. It is a hospitality and retail marketplace, where POS and apps connect. Benefits include:

  • Access to the best apps & pos through the Doshii API; no need to build and manage multiple integrations;
  • Doshii marketplace and marketing program delivers new leads and helps grow your brand
  • Direct integrations through Doshii allows you to deliver a better, stickier customer experience
  • Access to Doshii's Cloud API, no matter what your technology stack
Knowledge Base
API Reference including:

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